Amazon Warehouse Worker in Patterson, CA

How does it look working one day on a job as an Amazon warehouse worker in Patterson, CA? Read in this interview with the employee who is on this job.

Amazon is growing at tremendous rate. Finding people interested in the job in today’s job market is challenging, no matter whether employer is the small or a giant company, such as Amazon. We invited on the interview the person who is working as a warehouse worker, and wanted to get the first-hand information how it is to work for Amazon.

“What got you interested to work at Amazon Warehouse?”

Patterson warehouse is very convenient for my commute. Also, working for Amazon is very stabile in terms of what is expected, and what should be delivered. That’s why I was interested at the first place. Since this type of the job is seasonal, I’ve been working in the warehouse multiple years, depending on the job needs. This has been working great for me.

“What was the interviewing process, and how hard was to get the job?”

Interviewing has been straight forward. After I found the opening and applied through tdHIRE, things moved pretty quickly. Amazon is a big company, and they make sure that future employee is suited for the job, and work environment stays great with each hire.

“What is your current role like?”

My daily tasks are very simple. There is a process in place, and one of highest company’s priorities is making sure people don’t get hurt on the job in any way. I appreciate that a lot.

“What’s the best thing about your job?”

I like to make people happy. Seeing the Amazon warehouse, and working in it is making me feel satisfied how I help people to receive their orders on time.

“What skills or talents have you found vital/most important for your job?”

Well, there are few things. The job is very simple, and work environment is nice. The job doesn’t require you to invent so many things. The process is well defined and easy to follow, so the job is much easier that way.

“What new skills you learned/developed on the job?”

I found this to be a great learning opportunity in a sense that well organized company can run business in very efficient way. There is so much to see and sometimes, I’m so surprised with ideas how some things are solved. That’s so exciting.

“Besides skills, we learn something new on every job. What is the most valuable you learned so far at Amazon?”

People that work with me are great. Also, everyone is having a nice respect of the manager. This is helping to all of us to perform on our jobs.

“At the end of the day, what usually you think is the biggest achievement, what makes the job rewarding?”

When I think about the work I finished during the day, and think about it during my drive home, it’s usually pretty positive. Simple job with not a lot of drama is really keeping me happy.

“What would be the best bit of advice you have for someone interested to move into this type of the job with Amazon?”

Amazon cares about people to be fit in their culture philosophy. Requirements for the job are not something so big of course, so it’s easy to get in if they see you are a nice team player.

“Thank you for the chat! Is there anything else you would like to share?”

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts. It’s great to be a part of Amazon, and for you helping me to stay in the loop with their job openings.

With no surprises, Amazon seems to have a nice work environment. If you are interested in their warehouse job opportunities, feel free to check them on our website.