Curated Selection of Jobs for any professional

We are proud of our ultimate job analytics platform, which powers precise career matchmaking service between top talent for employers’ opened positions.

tdHIRE was created with a single mission in mind. Be a career site for connecting businesses who need talent with the talent that can solve their problems.

In todays world it’s a challenge to find right candidate for the job.

We are solving this problem with win-win approach. Candidates can login, and get our feedback about their resume. This way they can better market them selves, and understand what kind of opportunities they should pursue.

In a similar way, we are curating applicants’ resumes for opened jobs, when candidates apply or they show interest for particular position. This way we are helping recruiting managers to recognize the top talent as efficient as possible.

Jobs Onboarding

We made it very simple to start using our services. It’s enough to register, and define the link to your job posts. In case jobs are managed through ATS system, we can connect directly with your ATS service, and import jobs directly.

Resume Analytics

For the candidates, everything is simplified. It’s enough to create account, and analytics will be offered on any resume that has been uploaded.

In case you apply to the job, we’ll also add the resume to the list.