Low paying jobs demand the workforce in innovative ways

With current market conditions and massive layoffs, one job category has never been more appealing

Job searching started to be more stressful than ever before. Since March more than 40 million people filed for unemployment benefits. The new opportunities are sparser and finding the next job has been hard as ever.

The job market is foregoing another cycle where high-paying jobs are shrinking, but low-paying job market is thriving. The bad news is the jobs are shifting to the low paying brackets. The good news is as with all low paying jobs, there are no previous experience expectations.

During these challenging times and as much as the current job market looks grim, there are still opportunities out there. It’s important to get familiar with the latest global business shifts and recognize available opportunities.

Why some people are always getting low-paying over high-paying jobs

Companies may hire internally

If a company is hiring for a position, that position is usually available for people within the company. The hiring company might look more favorably on a candidate that they already know.

Many jobs are never publicly posted

Many of the jobs are might available not appear on public job records or boards. Instead, managers of these positions prefer to fill the position through recruiters or worker requirements.

Positions are highly competitive

Its reality of nowadays that a single job posting can see hundreds of applications. For example, for the successful submission of the job application, it must have a large number of requests that can limit how much an employee of the company can read such a vast amount of applications at once.

Most of these low-paying jobs require that the applicant have no more than a high school diploma, and most offer on-the-job training. Typically, unskilled jobs – such as those in the food or customer service industries – do not pay well. Though these are often important jobs, workers can be easily replaced, whether by another unskilled worker or by automation. This drives down these jobs’ potential earnings.

Is Warehouse Work a good career?

Warehouse worker job

Warehouse workers are in high demand. Online stores and shipping companies are trying to keep up with orders. Packing and package handling is expanding rapidly. Warehouse jobs pay more compared to other opportunities in this list. However, job requirements are also bigger, since the positions are more labor intensive.

Working in a warehouse is not a difficult job. It involves both physical and mental work. Though it vastly includes manual labor.
Warehouse worker skills included in organization planning, time management, inventory control, equipment maintenance, data entry, and teamwork. They are responsible for performing the following duties such as picking and filling orders from stock, organizing and retrieving stock, packing and shipping orders, processing, and receiving incoming stock.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there were 1.14M people employed in the Warehousing & storage Industry Group in 2018. According to ACS estimates, the number of people employed in the Warehousing & storage Industry Group has been growing at a rate of 9.3%, from 756k people in 2017 to 827k people in 2018.

The average salary of warehouse workers ranges from 30k-40k$ annually. There is almost 67% male workforce and the rest is female.

What are benefits of Shopper or Delivery jobs?

Personal shopper job

In this jobs shift there is interesting trend of increase of jobs paying $15 hour or more. These types of opportunities range from personal shopper to delivery drivers. With so many people staying at home, companies in home delivery services need more work force than ever.

No matter where you live, and what schedule works for you, it’s easy to catch the train in this newer line of business.

  • Personal ShoppersPersonal shoppers get paid to shop and serving clients who are too busy or simply unable to shop for themselves. As a home-based business, it’s ideal for someone who loves to shop. According to PayScale, the median per-hour rate is $11.57 per hour, with a total yearly pay ranging from $23,000 to $76,00.
  • Delivery ServicesBesides Whole Foods and it’s delivery service, Amazon has kicked off AmazonFresh, its grocery delivery service in major metropolitan areas. There are many meal delivery services as well. The national average salary for a Delivery Driver is $27,113 in the United States.

Should I consider Product Tester opportunity?

Product tester job

From all of these kind of jobs on the market, Product Tester opportunities are recently having strong demand.

Many companies are looking for part-time product testers to evaluate free products and provide feedback to help improve concepts. Their pay rate us $20/product to start and keep the free products!

Zero out of pocket cost and can work from home or remotely. Each product takes only 15 minutes to evaluate and can be done from home as well, at any time of the day. This is a part-time job and seasonal. Product Testing can be done in your free time, during any part of the day. Since the schedule of work is very flexible, generating extra money as a part time work is a great option. Most are requiring online buying experience, along with a computer or cell phone and internet access to communicate feedback.

The Research Proves

Low-wage workers make up the highest share of the workforce in smaller places in southern and western parts of the United States. Including Las Cruces. These are the metro areas where low wage workers account for high shares of the workforce. An analysis by Kyle Fee, Keith Wardrip, came to similar findings. They defined good jobs for workers without a bachelor’s degree as those paying at least the national median wage adjusted for local cost of living.

The analysis found that for every good job, there are 3.4 working-age adults with less than a bachelor’s degree. During these challenging times and as much as the current job market looks grim, there are still opportunities out there. It’s important to get familiar with the latest global business shifts and recognize available opportunities.