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There is nothing more complicated than looking for your next job opportunity. tdHIRE is one of the best job sites, where you can find the various jobs in Los Angeles. No matter if you ar looking for a Business, Healthcare, Insurance, Medicare, Real-Estate, Restaurant, Retail, Security, Services, Technology, Transportation, Trucking, Veterinary job, we are sure you will find the right opportunity.

Job market in Los Angeles is experiencing big growth. We found 1,180 more jobs available to candidates compared to the previous week. This is a positive move in right direction. Majority of jobs are available for positions, such as Respiratory Therapist, Nurse, Warehouse Worker, Insurance Agent, Truck Driver.

The most looked for are the jobs as a Nurse which belongs to Registered Nurse, which belongs to Security Officer, Car Driver which belongs to Delivery Driver, Nurse which belongs to Licensed Vocational Nurse, which belongs to Airport Security Officer. On the other hand, there is also a drop in positions, such as Respiratory Therapist, Nurse, Truck Driver, Car Driver, Warehouse Worker. There is smaller demand for jobs such as Registered Nurse which belongs to Nurse jobs, Delivery Driver which belongs to Car Driver jobs, Licensed Vocational Nurse which belongs to Nurse jobs, Security Officer which belongs to jobs, Veterinary which belongs to jobs. Los Angeles jobs have an impact on the Los Angeles County and also on California state conditions.

Changes in Los Angeles Job Market

Opened positions:2,111
Job openings last week:1,666
Closed jobs last week:399

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